Bulk Processing

Import multiple clients at a time and run checks on them.

About service

Bulk processing, or bulk imports, allows you to upload up to 1,000 clients at a time. Optionally, you can also perform checks on those clients.

It is a no-code solution designed for users of all sizes, enabling them to import a large set of clients into ComplyCube. Typically, this could be for migration purposes or to facilitate periodic batch AML screening runs.

This service has a soft limit of 1,000 clients per batch. Get in touch with your Account Manager or contact us to increase it.

ComplyCube is also capable of processing files in bulk through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Get in touch with your Account Manager to enable this service.

Interactive demo

CSV template

Download our Sample Template below, then open it with a spreadsheet app like Microsoft Excel or Numbers. The first row in the spreadsheet contains all the headers that tell you what should be in each column. Make sure to leave the column headers unchanged.

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