Web Portal Quick Guide
Learn how to quickly use the Web Portal.
ComplyCube's Web Portal enables you to access services through the convenience of your internet browser.
This guide is intended to get you started with the Web Portal as soon as possible. The Web Portal offers an effective and off-the-shelf solution for businesses of all sizes. The portal extends most of our services, allowing you to manage, check, and verify your clients without writing a single line of code.

Sandbox and Live

Both our Web Portal and API have Sandbox and Live environments. The Sandbox environment is simply a test environment that allows you to explore our platform without incurring costs or using sensitive data.
Once you've concluded your testing using the Sandbox, you can switch to Live to perform actual checks. You can easily switch Web Portal environments by toggling the environment switch on the top-right corner.
For this quick guide, ensure that you are using the test environment, as illustrated above.
The Sandbox environment does not have real data. All checks will return dummy responses. You can use our Testing Data to simulate scenarios.

Next steps

Learn how to use the Web Portal for common use cases.
Powered by a proprietary Graph Engine and a network of partners, an AML Screening Check enables you to check a client against over 3,000 global, regional, and local lists.
Utilises ComplyCube's state-of-the-art AI and advanced analytics to extract MRZ and perform 6 categories of analysis on ID documents, including detailed checks on visual security elements, daylight/UV, and font consistency.
Leverage ComplyCube's global and extensive data points to match and verify your client's details against multiple trusted sources, such as government and credit bureaus.
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