Perform AML Screening

Learn how to perform AML Screening through the Web Portal

Interactive guide

Steps explained

1. Create a client

The first step in running any check is to create a client.

Navigate to the Clients page and click the ‘ADD CLIENT’ button. You can then enter the following details:

  • First Name: John

  • Last Name: Doe

  • Email:

The more data you provide about a client, the richer and more accurate ComplyCube AML Screening checks will be. We highly recommend that you provide the client's date of birth before conducting an AML Screening check.

2. Perform an AML Screening check

To perform AML Screening on a client, click the ‘NEW CHECK’ button. You will be then presented with a dialogue, prompting you to select the type of check.

There are two types of AML Screening checks - Standard AML Screening and Extensive AML Screening. For this example, select "Extensive AML Screening", then click “RUN CHECK”.

Note: For now, we will keep the value of "Enable continuous monitoring" on 'Disabled.'

3. View check result

Once the check has concluded, you will automatically be taken to the check results page.

That's it! You've completed your first AML screening check.

If you're using the test environment, you can try out various scenarios using our testing data.

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