Enhanced Identity Check

Use advanced biometric technologies to verify your client's identity.

About Service

The most elaborate means to verify your client's identity.

Utilizes ComplyCube's ISO-certified (PAD Level 2) Biometric AI to ensure liveness through a series of challenges and facial similarity between a provided video and an ID document. This will determine if it's the same person in the ID document and video. It also leverages 3D face maps to determine whether a client has been previously enrolled using different details.

Our Enhanced Identity Check can detect advanced spoofing vectors, including but not limited to:

  • Printed Photo Attack: A fraudster presents a printed photo of an individual.

  • Printed Mask Attack: A fraudster wears a mask or presents a photo with cut-out holes to allow blinking, a common and crude test of liveness.

  • Video Replay Attack: An imposter presents a video of an individual moving to fool a liveness detection system that expects movement.

  • 3D Mask Attack: A fraudster uses a silicon or plastic mask of an individual.

  • Network Spoofing: a fraudster using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to gain access to your platform.

This check can only be performed through our Hosted Solution, Web SDK, or native Mobile SDKs.

Analysis performed

Check duration

An Enhanced Identity Check takes an average of 40 seconds to complete.

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