API Reference

Enhanced Identity Check

Run an enhanced identity check

To run an Enhanced Identity Check, you must create a check with type set to enhanced_identity_check.
The documentId provided must have associated image attachments that adhere to our image specifications.
We will use the front side of the document for the Enhanced Identity Check.

Enhanced identity check request

The ID of the client associated with this check. (Required)
This must be set to enhanced_identity_check. (Required)
The ID of the document. (Required)
The ID of the live video. (Required)

Example request

curl -X POST https://api.complycube.com/v1/checks \
-H 'Authorization: <YOUR_API_KEY>' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
"type": "enhanced_identity_check"
const check = await complycube.check.create("CLIENT_ID", {
liveVideoId: "LIVE_VIDEO_ID",
documentId: "DOCUMENT_ID",
type: "enhanced_identity_check"
check = cc_api.check.create(
$result = $ccapi->checks()->create(
'type' => 'enhanced_identity_check',
'liveVideoId' => 'LIVE_VIDEO_ID',
'documentId' => 'DOCUMENT_ID'
var checkRequest = new CheckRequest {
clientId = "CLIENT_ID",
documentId = "DOCUMENT_ID",
liveVideoId = "LIVE_VIDEO_ID",
type = "enhanced_identity_check"
var check = await checkApi.CreateAsync(checkRequest);

Result object

The result object is only returned when the status of the check is complete . It has two components - outcome and breakdown.


The outcome attribute represents the overall check result. Returned values include:
  1. 1.
    clear: Indicates every analysis conducted returned a successful result, and hence the identity is authentic.
  2. 2.
    attention: Indicates at least one of the analysis results requires attention.


The breakdown comprises the following objects:

faceAnalysis object

The facial analysis results. It has the following constituents:
  • facialSimilarity: Indicates whether the faces on the live video and document belong to the same person.
  • previouslyEnrolledFace: Indicates whether the face on the live photo has been previously enrolled as a different client.
  • breakdown: Breakdown related to facial analysis.
    • facialSimilarityScore: Indicates the similarity level of whether two faces belong to the same person. The score will be 1 for a perfect match.
    • enrolledFacesMatches: If a face is deemed to have been enrolled previously, this will contain an array of objects that contain the following:
      • clientId: The unique identifier for the matching client.
      • entityName: The client's full name.
      • livePhotoId: The unique identifier for the matching live photo.
      • liveVideoId: The unique identifier for the matching live video. Either a liveVideoId or livePhotoId will exist in the object, not both.
      • facialSimilarityScore: The similarity level of the client's face against the live photo associated with the check.

authenticityAnalysis object

The facial analysis results. It has the following constituents:
  • spoofedImageAnalysis: Indicates whether the images are spoofed, copied from the internet, or are known blacklisted images.
  • livenessVoiceChallengeAnalysis: Indicates if the client had recited the correct text during the voice challenge.
  • livenessActionChallengeAnalysis: Indicates if the client had performed the correct movements during the actions challenge.
  • breakdown: Breakdown related to authenticity analysis.
    • specimenCheckMatches: If an image is deemed copied from the internet, this will contain an array of URLs pointing to the image.
    • livenessCheckScore: Indicates the liveness score of the live photo. The score will be 100 when it is assumed to be authentic.

integrityAnalysis object

The integrity analysis results. It has the following constituents:
  • faceDetection: Indicates whether the images contained the expected number of faces.
  • vpnDetected: Indicates whether the client was using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when conducting the check.

Sample Response

"id": "5e94b88a01bce00008c86f01",
"entityName": "John Doe",
"type": "enhanced_identity_check",
"clientId": "5e94b75d01bce00008c86f02",
"documentId": "5e94b87b01bce00008c86f03",
"liveVideoId": "5e94b88901bce00008c86f0a",
"status": "complete",
"result": {
"outcome": "clear",
"breakdown": {
"faceAnalysis": {
"facialSimilarity": "clear",
"previouslyEnrolledFace": "clear",
"breakdown": {
"facialSimilarityScore": 100
"authenticityAnalysis": {
"spoofedImageAnalysis": "clear",
"livenessCheck": "clear",
"livenessVoiceChallengeAnalysis": "clear",
"livenessActionChallengeAnalysis": "clear",
"breakdown": {
"livenessCheckScore": 100
"integrityAnalysis": {
"faceDetection": "clear",
"vpnDetected": "clear"
"createdAt": "2020-01-04T17:25:21.116Z",
"updatedAt": "2020-01-04T17:25:21.116Z"