Screening Lists

Retrieve all the lists available through a Screening Check

This endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of all Sanctions and Watchlists available as part of a Screening Check. Typically, it enables users to create Screening Checks with specific scopes in line with their KYC approach.

By default, all the lists are used when performing an Extensive Screening Check. Only a subset is used for a Standard Screening Check.

The lists are updated in real time, so the returned values are expected to change.



Retrieves all the screening lists in alphabetical order.


Example request

curl -X GET \
     -H 'Authorization: <YOUR_API_KEY>' 

Example response

  "African Development Bank Group (AFDB) List of Debarred Entities",
  "DNB (Netherlands) Sanction Regulation 2006",
  "HM Treasury Consolidated List",
  "NYSE American Disciplinary Actions",
  "Singapore Police Force Commercial Crimes Prosecution List",

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