Test and Live

Learn about our test and live integration environments.


To make our API as explorable as possible, accounts have test and live API keys. Just use the appropriate key to make API calls.

Requests made using a test API key will not incur a cost.

You can access your live and test API keys from your API keys page.


The ComplyCube Sandbox is a test environment that simulates the behavior, responses, and errors of the live environment.

All checks conducted on the Sandbox will return dummy responses. Please refer to our Testing page to learn about simulating specific test scenarios as part of your integration.

The ComplyCube Sandbox provides new users with a safe environment to test and learn about our platform's various aspects. These include:

  • Network connectivity and authentication with the ComplyCube API.

  • Requests are being sent in the correct format.

  • Successful responses and errors are being handled appropriately.

  • Implement and test an appropriate mechanism for handling rate limits and service quota errors.

  • Test out pagination and filtering.

  • Webhooks are working as expected.

Do not send any confidential or operational data when using the Sandbox.

Data in our sandbox environment is periodically deleted.


Once you've integrated and tested against the Sandbox, activate your live account through the Web Portal.

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