Mobile SDK Guide

Our native mobile SDKs provide a frictionless identity verification experience for your clients.

The ComplyCube Mobile SDKs make it quick and easy to build a frictionless customer onboarding and biometric re-authentication experience in your mobile app. It provides powerful, smart, and customizable UI screens that can be used out-of-the-box to capture the data you need for identity verification.

The SDKs offer several benefits:

  1. Native & intuitive UI: We provide mobile-native screens that guide your customers in capturing their selfies, video recordings, government-issued IDs (such as passports, driving licenses, and residence permits), and proof of address documents (bank statements and utility bills)

  2. PAD-certified liveness: Our market-leading and PAD Level 2 certified liveness detection provides accurate and high-speed presence detection on your customers' selfies (3D Passive and Active) and documents to prevent fraud and protect your business. It detects and deters several spoofing vectors, including printed photo attacks, printed mask attacks, video replay attacks, and 3D mask attacks.

  3. RFID authentication: Scans, extracts data, and verifies the authenticity of documents equipped with RFID chips. It strengthens security by cross-referencing the encrypted information on the chip with official databases, ensuring the highest level of identity assurance.

  4. Auto-capture: Our UI screens attempt to auto-capture your customer's documents and selfies and run quality checks to ensure that our authentication service only processes legible captures.

  5. Branding & customization: You can customize the experience by adding your brand colors and text. Furthermore, screens can be added and removed.

  6. International: We offer multiple localization options to fit your customer needs.

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