Postman Guide

Run ComplyCube's API easily without writing any code.

Postman collections can make life easier as a ComplyCube user, allowing you to test out the API in no time.

Two official collections cover the ComplyCube API.

Demo collection

This collection is crafted to give you an overview of the endpoints in a practical, scenario-driven way. It is perfect for you to understand the ComplyCube API and see it work quickly.

It uses a mock account and will work out of the box without setting up any environment. Launch the app by clicking the link below:

Run in Postman

You can use our testing data to simulate specific responses.

Development collection

This elaborate collection, supported by environment variables, is designed to give you an overview of our endpoints in a resource-driven way.

It should be used to perform a deeper dive into the API or alongside development. The environment variables will make the experience smoother but will require set-up.

To get started, launch the app by clicking the link below:

Run in Postman

To complete the environment setup, please perform the following:

  1. Copy the test API key from your Portal (Developers).

  2. In Postman, click on Manage Environment (cog icon on the top-right corner).

  3. Next to Globals, click on Edit. Now create a variable and call it apiKey .

  4. On the Current Value text box, paste your API key from step 1, then click Save.

That's it. You can now test all of ComplyCube's endpoints, in our live and test environments, via Postman.

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