RFID authentication

Achieve the highest level of identity assurance through ComplyCube's RFID analysis.

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) analysis is a critical element in ComplyCube's Document Check service, playing a pivotal role in fraud prevention and document verification. This advanced feature leverages NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, enabling clients to use their smartphones for a more secure and accurate identity verification. By scanning ID documents through NFC, RFID analysis enhances the overall security and precision of the identification procedure.


  1. Comprehensive Authentication: Verifies the authenticity of RFID chips embedded in ID documents by matching encrypted signatures with certifying authorities, achieving the highest level of identity assurance.

  2. Perfect Data Extraction: Direct and secure extraction from the encrypted chip ensures impeccable and structured data quality.

  3. Multi-layered Verification: RFID analysis works with ComplyCube's other verification processes, including visual assessment, document liveness, and validation of security elements. This holistic approach effectively combats fraud.

  4. Data Security: Adheres to international privacy laws through end-to-end encryption of RFID data.

  5. Integrated Verification: RFID analysis is fully integrated with ComplyCube's workflows, displaying precise, auditable results on the Web Portal and enhancing your confidence during client onboarding.


RFID scanning and analysis via NFC is only available for documents with RFID chips, like e-passports and contemporary identity cards. This feature is accessible through our Mobile SDKs, which intelligently detect the presence of an RFID chip in a document. If a chip is identified, the SDK prompts the user to scan their document, resulting in an efficient verification process.

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