Hosted Solution Guide

The quickest way to build conversion-optimised identity verifications pages, hosted on ComplyCube.

Our hosted solution, ComplyCube Flow, is a secure, fully customizable, hosted KYC and identity verification page that enables you to verify your clients quickly with minimal code.

By simply initiating a Flow session, you create a unique ComplyCube URL address to redirect your clients to collect their consent and complete identity verification. Once finished, your clients will be redirected to your chosen URL.

Flow makes it easy to build a first-class KYC experience:

  1. UX-optimized - with built-in error handling and expertly composed flows, it is designed to remove friction and increase conversions.

  2. Mobile ready: Fully responsive design and works across devices.

  3. International: Supports multiple languages.

  4. Customization and branding: Customisable stages, color scheme, and logos.

  5. Data-compliant: Simplified data compliance as PII-sensitive data does not reside in your infrastructure.

Next steps

Learn how to integrate our hosted solution with your application.

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