Automatically mask sensitive fields to comply with international privacy laws.

ComplyCube automatically applies end-to-end field redaction, or field masking, on specific sensitive fields to adhere to privacy laws across the globe. Examples of sensitive fields include:

  • Dutch BSN (Burgerservicenummer or Dutch Citizen Service Number)

  • Singaporean NRIC (National Registration Identity Card Number)

  • Korean RRN (Resident Registration Number)

For robust compliance measures, the sensitive fields will be redacted from the document images stored against the client record and the results of Document Checks. The field redaction will apply to the front and back sides of the document images, where applicable.

Users subscribed to our Premium or Enterprise Plan can customize and add additional fields to their redaction policy. Please contact Support or your Account Manager to amend your redaction policy.


Field redaction and data masking are applied to document images on capture. All representations of the fields, even for instance, when encoded as part of a QR code, will be redacted from the document, including from the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ), Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), and barcodes.

Effectively, at no stage are the sensitive fields stored or processed by ComplyCube, which is the most effective way to adhere to prevalent privacy laws.

On Document Check processing, all redacted text fields will be represented as a string of fixed-length asterisks (*) on the API, Web Portal, and reports.

Sample illustrations of field redaction

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