Multi-Bureau Check

Verify client identity and address details against trusted sources, such as government and credit bureaus.

About service

Leverage ComplyCube's global and extensive data points to match and verify your client's details against multiple trusted bureaus. These include:

Verifiable client attributes include:

  • Name

  • DOB

  • Address

  • ID number (SSN, Social Insurance Number, National Identity Number, or Tax Number)

By default, your client details are considered verified when a bureau has matched at least their name and one more attribute. This can be as follows:

  1. Name + DOB match

  2. Name + address match

  3. Name + ID number match

ComplyCube will attempt to match all attributes if possible - name, address, DOB, and ID number.

This service includes a 2+2 check variant that verifies at least two identity attributes with two or more separate bureaus. Get in touch with your Account Manager or contact us to enable it.

Check duration

A Multi-Bureau Check takes under 5 seconds to complete.

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